Annual General Meeting Update

Thanks to all who attended the Meeting on January 14th at The Office Bistro.  Fred Kelly gave his presentation on his trans-Atlantic flight to Ireland and kept it both interesting and entertaining for all.  I’m ready to accept suggestions for next year for both speakers and locations.

The Strategic Planning Session will be held on March 7th and April 4th at Airspace Place from 9am to 12 noon.  I’ve recieved feedback from 15 members.  This is a two session program that are linked, not independant (you need to be able to attend both sessions).  I’m working on finding a catering service for breakfast.

The Deb is going to be getting her paint job.  Thanks to all who voted on the paint scheme.  

Congratulations to the officers for 2015.  There was a lot of effort put in by all to make  this happen.  They are a good group of people and I look forward to working with them in the coming year.  -Len

Contact the club vice-president via e-mail, phone (330)606-4255, or find us on Facebook