Change in rates September 1, 2018

The following is a message sent out to the membership about our club’s evolution:

Thanks to everyone who attended the most recent trustees meeting.  It was refreshing to get so much support from the membership on our financial plans to grow and improve the club and its assets.

As trustees, we’ve spent a lot of time discussing how to continue to improve the club for the membership.  Getting clear of outstanding debt was thanks to the efforts of the previous leadership.  Organizing the financials in a way to be analyzed in detail was next task tackled.  We now have all our financials in Quick Books and everything is categorized.  It’s thanks to this level of detail that we were able to pay for the new engine in the 172 without creating a long term financial burden to the club.  We are now poised to replace the engines in both the 182 and the Deb with the addition of engine monitors to both aircraft.  Even with these accomplishments, we were aware that more needed to be done to improve the club for the long term.

We understand to grow the club and to make it even more stable for the future requires that financial decisions had to be made.  It was easy to get side tracked about where to spend money but difficult to come to a conclusion about where to get it from without creating financial stress to the club.  Brian created a plan for the club that increases the availability of funds for asset improvement/replacement that keeps the club affordable when compared with similar clubs in the area.  The plan is labeled as both a 5 year and 10 year plan, but once executed, will provide immediate benefits to the club.  It assumes upgrades/changes will occur during the winter time when flying is at its lowest.  It also begins a transition to percent increases to keep pace with inflation and reduce having to make abrupt rate changes in the future.  

Brian's Power Point presentation and Excel spreadsheet show the thought process behind the plan and how it will grow. It has already had subtle changes from what was presented at the meeting but the core thought process remains the same.  It does give cash outlays as examples of what to spend the accumulating funds on as a way of showing how the plan benefits the club.  As time progresses and the funds accumulate, those examples can easily be replaced with something definitive.  

Effective September 1st, the following rate changes will occur:

Hourly Rates:

172 with block time:        $111/hr

172 without block:           $122/hr 

182 with block time:        $146/hr

182 without block:           $161/hr

Deb with block time:      $168/hr

Deb without block:          $185/hr


Monthly Dues:

Bronze: $65/month

Silver: $81/month

Gold: $97/month

Trustees: $20/month


 Len Dyko

Contact the club vice-president via e-mail, phone (330)606-4255, or find us on Facebook