Highlights of February Trustees Meeting

We are set for the Strategic Planning Session.  It will be at Air Space Place based upon the number of interested members.  I’ll bring bagels, juice and water.  Dates and times are March 7th and April 4th from 9am-12 noon.  

The Deb got pushed back a little bit due to the job before us taking a little longer than expected.  She goes March 1st to Custom Aviation at KPOV.  She’ll be gone for about 5 weeks.  

Hangar clean up is set for May 9th at 9 am-12 noon.  Membership meeting is before the clean up and the open house is after the clean up at 12 noon.  We will have hot dogs and barbeque.

The website continues to be a work in progress.  The bugs and glitches are minor and Sandvox has proven itself to be very intuitive.  I’m still working on the Google submenu items.

We need flight instructors!  We have an interesting arrangement in that our flight instructors have a lot of years of flight experience and they’ve been with the club for some time.  They do it for the love of aviation and the comradery.  With our growing number of members, we’d like additional instructors to be available to meet the anticipated demand.  If you know of a CFI/II who might be interested, feel free to refer to my e-mail or the website for more information.  Len

Contact the club vice-president via e-mail, phone (330)606-4255, or find us on Facebook