Membership Fees

The following is the condensed version of our membership rules and regulations.  The in-depth version is in our Documents section and will provide much more detail.  Aero Fliers limits the number of active flying pilots to a maximum of 49 at one time to satisfy our insurance requirements and provide our members with good availability of aircraft.

All Pilots must join at the C-172 level. 

Initiation Fee, One-time access fees, and mostly dues are all plus tax.

In an effort to promote fuel efficient flying and to more closely align flight time with aircraft reserve accounts, flight time is calculated on Tach time, not Hobbs time.  Block time is a reserve into which members will be able to deposit funds, initially $1000, and thereafter in increments of $500. This block time reserve can then be used to pay for any airtime on any of the Aero Fliers aircraft at a 10% discount.

Non-Flying Membership

Many members, for various reasons, are unable to fly, yet want to retain their membership in the club.  Any member may elect to go to non-flying status for a two year period by advising the Treasurer.  Members will be relieved of paying monthly charges during the period that they are designated as being of non-flying status and will be given priority in returning to active status over a non-member wishing to join the club.  Members of non-flying status shall pay an annual membership fee of $120.00 (prorated for a partial year) and shall be entitled to participate in all membership meetings and social events.


Inactive Membership

The Board may authorize a member to go to inactive status in the event of extended illness, extended travel, or other extenuating circumstances, subject to a vote of approval at the next membership meeting.  Inactive members will be relieved of monthly charges while in inactive status.

Monthly Dues

Category   Entry       dues   Aircraft            Privileges

Inactive       (existing)      $12.50 none                      None

Instructor     None          $30          For Training only

Bronze         $1,000        $65      Skyhawk                Full 

Silver            $1,300        $81     Skyhawk, Skylane  Full 

Gold             $1,600        $97     All Aircraft             Full 

Trustee         (existing)     $20     (existing)                Full

Printable Membership Application

On-Line Membership Application

Contact the club vice-president via e-mail, phone (330)606-4255, or find us on Facebook